A self-proclaimed kid of the ’90s, Jordan Capozzi was born and raised in the Bay Area. More popularly known as Lil Debbie, she is a woman of varied talents and persuasion: She is a rap/hip-hop artist, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, a stylist, and a model rolled into one. There seems to be no letting up for this petite lady as she tests even further the limits of what she can do and create.

A Generation Of Creative

In some ways, I think Jordan is an embodiment of the current generation’s passion and drive to make the most of their skills while choosing to stay true to what they believe in. While most members of her generation end up in the proverbial 8-5 workplace from Monday until Friday, others like her are lucky enough to be able to live out their dreams without being stuck in a traditional office. And frankly, it’s funny to even think of Jordan as traditional for she is anything but.

Jordan Capozzi As A Musician

Her music, for one, is edgy and cool. “Keeping It Lit,” her most recent mixtape released early last year, sounds young and hip, and is defined by smooth rifts and uptempo beats that kind of belie the sharp-fingered lyrics apparent in every single. She’s had musical collaborations with RiFF RaFF, a rapper from Houston, TX, on a number of singles, including “Brain Freeze,” “Michelle Obama” (also known as “Presidential Tint”), and the surprisingly melodious “SQUiRT.” A couple of her music videos have also been released, including for the songs mentioned above as well as other works like “2Cups” with Dolla Bill Gates, “Gotta Ball” with V-Nasty, and “Ratchets.”

White Girls Mob

tumblr_lzxtelNs3z1r2eacno1_500Before launching a solo career, Jordan used to be part of the hip-hop trio White Girls Mob, which became popular on account of a hit single released in 2011 entitled “Gucci Gucci.” She was friends with the other two members, Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, before she was booted out of the trio for allegedly being “disloyal” to the group. The very public feud all but dampened Jordan’s drive to create music. In fact, if her recent mixtape and successful videos on YouTube are any indication, it would seem like Lil Debbie may very well be on the way to bigger things.

Jordan Capozzi As A Stylist

Beyond music, however, Jordan is deeply interested in the world of fashion and design. A graduate of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, Jordan looks every bit like a true-blue fashionista with her choices of clothing. Eclectic but not without being too weird, unique but never intimidating or ridiculous, her style can definitely be channeled for everyday, utilitarian purposes. She likes overlapping men’s pieces with feminine clothes and accessories. The end result is rocker-chic, a slightly tough but still female look that reflects her personality and work.

There’s no stopping Jordan as she takes on gigs as stylist to rappers, fashion collaborator with clothing companies and designer of her own clothing line for her company, Lil Debbie LLC. Already, she has gained quite a following with her unique fashion sense and hip music, yet nothing about this come as a surprise. For Jordan Capozzi, it may just be all in a day’s work, but for the rest of us, it’s definitely something to look out for.

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